Hotel Contessa Cancels Contract for Event Without Explanation:

As of August 15, 2018, the Hotel Contessa cancelled the contract for this event with no explanation whatsoever:

One can only conclude that this cancellation was due to the hotel being owned by those who are offended by the truth or the hotel is operated by those who fear and succumb to pressure brought by those who are offended by the truth. Regardless this is a state of oppression. The hotel had every opportunity to learn of the nature of the event as the brochure posted below was on this webpage which was given as a reference at the time the contract was signed (May 22, 2018). You can click on the poster for an easy to read pdf version which was also available below at the time the contract was made. The letter refers to a cancellation clause on page four of the contract. But on inspection of the same there is no right given the hotel to cancel for any reason nor does any other provision provide for such right. The said clause only related to how much the client owes the hotel if the client cancels. The only provision for cancellation without liablity in the contract is in case of inability due to acts of God, war, terrorism, government regulations, disaster, strikes making it physically impossible. I do believe the Hotel Contessa is in breach of contract. Hopefully there was no Interference with contracts outside the hotel as that too is a cause of action in Texas.

Article in the American Free Press about Cancellation. Click on article for a pdf version:

Hear the Interview of Ron Avery by Dave Gahary of the American Free Press at this link to the same article on the web. Just click on the "PODCAST" button once you open this link immediately below:

For some light hearted comments and fun about this serious matter of groundless cancellation listen to the following interview of Ron Avery and Mark Anderson on the National Intel Report by John Stadtmiller of Republic Broadcasting Network.

Click to Hear Interview of Avery by John Stadtmiller at RBN Radio

It just get's better and better!
Now the Hotel Contessa sends us a survey to evaluate their performance!:


We have a new venue and will notify the seat ticket holders of the name and address the day before the event.
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