Proceeds Sharing



We focus on helping people get their message out to the public. And one of the best ways is to host an event like a conference or forum, etc., that people would want to watch on the internet. Events like that cost money to host including:


       Food & Lodging

       Venue & Furnishings


       Special Equipment

We know that the speakers or presenters are the attraction and that they should be able to benefit from the proceeds of such events. Therefore, all speakers will share equally the proceeds of a Pay-Per-View Live Stream after all expenses have been paid.

In-House Expenses:

MixNstream also acquires expenses beyond those above in planning, preparing and executing such events:

       Planning & Team Assembly and Coordination

       Promotional Materials


       Live Streaming

       Attendee Assistance

The idea is that all should benefit from the effort that goes into an appealing PPV Live Stream.