Event Facilitation Design & Pledge:


        Facilitation Chart: An Excel spread sheet chart that is designed for each event to document the ticket income and how it is to be retained and dispersed between the various parties.

        Presenters: Those individuals that make presentations in any event.

        Facilitators: The individuals that act together to facilitate an event made up of the following three main types:

        Producer: MixNstream - Plans event, funds the venue, funds the live stream production crew and their expenses and pay per view archives and designs the set, and uses its equipment.

        Organizer: Group or Individual who obtains the Presenters or participants. They may have their own contract with Presenters isolating Presenters from Producer.

        Promoter: A group or Individual who has a high profile and significant following who promotes the event.

Design Objective:

MixNstream.com prepares a Facilitation Chart Formula for funding events. Generally the formula is designed for the Proceeds to Pay for the following in their order of appearance:

1.        Pay for the Venue.

2.      Pay for the Live Stream Production Crew and their expenses.

3.      Retain a Loss Prevention Factor (LPF) times Expenses to assure that MixNstream retains all ticket income until they reach twice their expenses before sharing any profits with others.

4.     After Expenses are covered by an LP Factor (say 1), any additional income will be split in some percentage (say 50/50) between the Presenters and the Facilitators. Retainage of 1 times the expenses, guarantees that all money will be spent on expenses until they are paid and that same amount is made for profit (100%) before any others involved are paid.

5.      All Guest Presenters will be given an equal share of Presenter's split unless otherwise determined by the Organizer.

6.     The Facilitators will split their share in negotiated percentages between the Producer (MixNstream), Organizer, and Promoter (say 40/40/20) and any other necessary party.

7.      The success of all MixNstream events and our ability to reimburse Presenters, and pay Organizers and Promoters a return is dependent upon how well each group and its members markets the event and is able to generate ticket sales.

The Facilitation Chart Formula:

1.        These charts are laid out containing all the expenses and income and ticket prices and number sold etc and how it is divided.

2.      This formula will be adhered to during the sale of the tickets for a period beginning from the sale of the first ticket to one year after the event is over.

The Beauty of Pay Per View:

1.        The beauty of PPV is that it is unlimited, unlike seat tickets. And these tickets can be sold months in advance and even after the event is over.

2.      MixNstream will pay out ticket proceeds beginning 3 days after the end of an event continuing monthly for one year.

3.      It's hard for any one of us to raise significant funds trying to sell our own individual videos and podcasts. We all need each other to raise the value of our knowledge and increase our marketing reach. This is synergy and we can all benefit from it only if we all work at it.

4.     If each Presenter prepares a good presentation and markets their event to their friends and followers each could be reimbursed and in some events earn profit.

MixNstream Pledge:

1.        MixNstream promises to follow their Facilitation Chart from start to finish designed for each particular event and will pay all parties according to it. The Facilitation Charts will be designed for each event and agreed to by the relevant parties prior to the marketing of the event.

2.      Therefore, MixNstream does not and cannot guarantee any reimbursement of expenses to any party or group participating in one of our events.

3.      MixNstream will however use its Facilitation Chart as a guide throughout development and marketing of an event and will inform contracting parties of ticket sales and the level of reimbursement and profit to be expected at those periods.