False Flags & Conspiracies Virtual Presentation 2021
Starts 9:00 AM Central December 11-12, 2021
Live & Archived Immediately

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Schedule of Presenters




Saturday (11 Dec. 21) MORNING:
09:00 Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D The Gunpowder Plot
10:00 Holly Seeliger The False Flag at Jamestown
11:00 Next Gen Was Pearl Harbor Really a Surprise Attack?
02:00 Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. 9/11 Special Report
04:00 Susan Bradford, Ph.D. Politics of Business: Abramoff & Enron
05:30 Joe Olson, P.E. The Fall of America
06:30 Sarah Westall The Covid Conspiracy & Mind Control
Sunday (12 Dec. 21) MORNING:
09:00 Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D. Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays?
10:30 Sunny Maynard, J.D. The UnDead: Three Young Women
11:30 Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. A Tale of Two Cities: Kenosha & Waukesha
12:30 Russ Winter et al. High Strangeness: The Waukesha PsyOp
01:30 Deana Sacks, J.D. The Vaccine Wars: A Legal Perspective
02:45 Ron Avery The Pozner vs. Fetzer Lawsuit
03:30 Ron Avery Fake News & Fake Law in a Police State
05:30 Carl Herman American Revolution 2.0
06:30 Ole Dammegard How My Last Name Became a Verb

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