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The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope
Presented By
the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)
The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Topics that will be addressed at this conference

The entire conference is an official TCOLE training event for all sheriffs and law enforcement. You will receive credit for attendance.
  • Election fraud & unenforced election laws
  • The importance of liberty in America today
  • The sheriff and federal action in the states
  • The sheriff is who you're going to call
  • The oath of office
  • Natural law and natural rights
  • Proof that sheriffs are a peaceful and effective solution to tyranny
  • Why sheriffs should not enforce Covid-19 lockdowns, restrictions and mask wearing decrees & legislation
  • Why sheriffs should not only not enforce unlawful Covid-19 Restrictions but should also prevent others from forcing citizens to submit.
  • How citizens can help their local sheriff

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Dr. Laura Pressley Founder/Managing Member of True Texas Elections, LLC.
She is an election security consultant, and computer systems and statistical data mining technology consultant for electronic voting election security. Dr. Pressley's Facebook page
Krisanne Hall, JD is an attorney and former prosecutor who travels the country teaching the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents.
Senator Bob Hall is Texas State Senator for District 2. His personal campaign website is
Mark J. Keough is Judge of Montgomery County, Texas
Michael Peroutka, founder/director of Institute on the Constitution.
Other Special Surprise Guests
Possible wrap up speaker for the private sheriff training session on Saturday

The two day event will be covered in the Live Stream on location by Mark Anderson of Stop The Presses * Republic Broadcasting Network * American Free Press and Ron Avery of
They will provide:
  • Interviews of attendees and presenters
  • Analysis of why this event is essential to lawful government in America


Country and Hawaiian music band, Palomino Moon, will provide entertainment

A Taste of What You Will Hear

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