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The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope
Presented By
the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA)
The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Topics addressed at this conference

The entire conference is an official TCOLE training event for all sheriffs and law enforcement. You will receive credit for attendance.
  • Election fraud & unenforced election laws
  • The importance of liberty in America today
  • The sheriff and federal action in the states
  • The sheriff is who you're going to call
  • The oath of office
  • Natural law and natural rights
  • Proof that sheriffs are a peaceful and effective solution to tyranny
  • Why sheriffs should not enforce Covid-19 lockdowns, restrictions and mask wearing decrees & legislation
  • Why sheriffs should also prevent others from forcing citizens to submit to unlawful Covid-19 restrictions
  • How citizens can help their local sheriff
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View the archive of the best CSPOA Conference held in the last 11 years according to Sheriff Richard Mack and his CSPOA team.

The Conference Videos will be removed from this site on February 27, 2022. So this is your last month to hear and see how sheriffs are accepting their oath to defend your property against tyranny.