Live Streaming


Live Streaming:

We have been using for many years starting with a computer and low end camcorder with RGB cables etc.

Several years ago we began to use a consumer/professional HDMI Canon camcorder (XA-10) with a wireless mobile LiveStream Broadcaster.

We then advanced to using a Roland mixer and three identical Canon XA-10 camcorders, HP laptop computer for graphics and a Wifi Teradek Vidiu for streaming the mix.

We now provide the following abilities and service:

1.       Now we have built a live-stream console to provide our highest service;

2.     The option of one of two on-board encoders (Matrox & Teradek) using either Ethernet or wireless transmission to a hotspot to your own website or one to which you have access or multiple websites;

3.     We can create multiple tickets for various pay-per-view options for a single live-stream event;

4.    We can also patch in a Skype presentation with the live presentation and show it to both the live audience and the live-stream viewers;

5.     We provide a projector and three screen options, yet most venues make a screen available;

6.    We can also provide in-house stage props and laminated graphics for backgrounds;

7.     We can create dramatic special lighting effects with LED floor spots and LED colorrails and a LED spot light to assure the speaker is always lighted well during slide shows in darkened rooms.

8.     We can made all three Cameras wireless to the mixer for maximum mobility in sports etc.

9.    We use wireless headsets for the 5 man Live Stream Production Crew.

10.We also recently added a bank of 8 wireless microphones and an automixer for panel discussions at a conference.

11.    We also provide our own mobile sound system.


We do look for volunteers to handle interesting jobs related to an event which is using up all our Production Crew.