Once you buy a ticket and use it in the playlist your computer will remember that and access the playlist every time you come to this webpage regardless of your clicking anything in the player or playlist. You will no longer need to insert your code or password into the prompt window. Your computer will do all that immediately upon accessing this webpage and/or clicking on a selection from the playlist. So if you come to this webpage watch a video because you have just used one of your purchased accesses.

Read The Following before Accessing The Videos:

  1. The videos below are archived raw live-streamed unedited videos, meaning they contain extraneous material at the beginning of the videos.
  2. Several of the videos start by showing a still picture of the USS Liberty with no sound for up to nine minutes before the video gets to the content.
  3. Advance the video by moving your curser to the bottom of the page and putting the hand of the curser on the time line at the point of the minute and seconds designated for beginning of content and click it.
  4. Read the description at the bottom of each video once you click on the selection. It tells you what minute to advance the video, such as 09:00, meaning 9 minutes zero seconds.
  5. Make sure you buy the ticket on the device you intend to watch the video on from now on. The password will only work on the device you purchase the ticket with.
  6. Finally, the un-numbered element in the PLAYLIST shows the USS Liberty, not people. This is not a video but rather a mere picture and cannot be viewed as a video. It was simply a required posting to set up the PLAYLIST prior to the filming of the event.