The Pasadena Texas Philharmonic Orchestra
Pay Per View Fundraiser

Due to the hardships imposed by government Covid-19 restrictions, the Pasadena Philharmonic Orchestra has not been able to perform before a live audience. The Orchestra wants to continue to experience the joy of performing great music together for the public and at the same time raise some much needed funds to pay ongoing expenses. Hence; a Pay Per View Live Stream and Archive for all to enjoy and help the Pasadena Philharmonic Orchestra strengthen the citizens of Pasadena Texas.

Watch a video in the playlist for 30 seconds and the ticket(s) to rent the video will appear in the player for the terms listed on the ticket. To continue watching you must buy a ticket. The first item in the playlist is a poster, not a video, so you may not be able to buy a ticket there. You will receive an email confirmation that will contain general and trouble shooting instructions to watch the videos. Most people will have no problem and will not need that information.

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Do not buy a ticket yet as this live stream has not been approved. When approved this message in red will be removed.