Proceeds Sharing



We focus on fundraising for individuals and groups who need to get their message out to the public and pay for needed projects. And one of the best ways to do that is to host an event like a conference or forum, etc., that people would pay to watch on the internet. Also we host our own events based upon the idea that the coming together of various experts is more beneficial to both the viewer and the presenter than merely one person making a presentation. Events like that cost money to host including:


       Food & Lodging

       Venue & Furnishings


       Special Equipment

We know that the speakers or presenters are the attraction and that they should be able to benefit from the proceeds of such events. Therefore, we like to share equally the proceeds of a Pay-Per-View Live Stream among the presenters after all expenses have been paid. MixNstream also shares in the ongoing PPV ticket sales after the event has concluded to continue its work of fundraising for groups.

In-House Expenses:

MixNstream also acquires expenses beyond those above in planning, preparing and executing such events:

       Advance Planning

       Production Crew to setup & operate all equipment, breakdown, pack-up

       Promotional Materials, Posters

       Props and Laminated Graphics Creation

       Pre-Setting stream parameters and equipment usage

       Two 3rd Party Video Platforms & 1 hot spot paid monthly

       Website expense

       Doorman Ticket Taking or Purchase & Attendee Assistance

The idea is that all should benefit from the effort that goes into an appealing PPV Live Stream.