Live Stream Tasks by Our Crew and Interested Volunteers:

If you would like to volunteer to help us host a great show or presentation, you can sign up for any of the volunteer
positions by emailing us at These volunteer jobs are easy and fun. Depending on the task required, one person can do more than one of these tasks. This will be figured out based upon the requirements of each event. And, of course, the group sponsoring the event will likely want to control these volunteer positions and place some of their members at certain points they think necessary and likely do additional tasks as well:

1 Doormen 1 Take Tickets & cash at door & Answer Questions
0 Ushers 1 Security watch & solve seating problems
3 Cameramen, Set Assembly & lighting set up. 0 Secure camera & maintain subject matter in LCD with wireless headphone direction from Producer at Console, Unloading & Loading Equipment to and from vehicle and Assemble Presentation Set
0 Monitor Stream on their own computer or Phone device 1 Take questions from comments left on live stream platform to ask presenter during Q&A
0 Runner 1 Relays questions & answers and equipment among staff
1 Spot Light Operator 0 Protect spot light and keep it on speakers and change intensity & color when necessary and between speakers.
1 Our own Live-Stream Tech 0 Producer at Console Operates encoder, A/V mixer, sound, wireless mics, laptop graphics (power point) & tags, laptop copy of stream, stream projector & HDMI switches, & Skype or Zoom operation.