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Ron Avery
Court Plundered
Mass Media Trashed
Dr James Fetzer
(Investigator of Political Intrigue)

Financially Marooned in Cyberspace

Wednesday Nov. 6, 2019
2:00 PM Central
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The Video Below is just one of many highlights of the 2 hour conversation, accessed at the link below it, with Dr. James Fetzer, who was sued by Mr. Leonard Pozner for libel, all stemming from the alleged Mass Casualty Shooting involving Children at Sandy Hook Elementary on 12/14/2012.

Click on this link to go to the PLAYER and PLAYLIST for the Fetzer Interview

The playlist at the link above will become the video outlet of Dr. James Fetzer concerning his defense to the erroneous summary judgment granted Pozner by the judge in the trial court. The next two videos will be of document fraud experts provided by Dr. James Fetzer to prove the Pozner Death Certificate to be fake.